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denied a request from central valley farmers to temporarily block california's ambitious high- speed rail project. today a judge in sacramento denied a request to halt the $68 billion project. groups representing the farmers say the high speed rail authority should halt all the work because the state of violated environmental laws. but the judge ruled that the authority acted reasonably and in good faith. meanwhile, san francisco's sheriff is telling the mayor at least he won't give up oversight of his department's domestic violence prevention program despite being on probation in such a case. ross mirkarimi told mayor ed lee in a three page letter that his under-sheriff will handle any disciplinary actions involving his subordinates. the mayor and 38 don't want ross mirkarimi to handle his office is domestic violence related duties. ross mirkarimi is on probation after pleading " guilty " in march to misdemeanor false imprisonment for a new year's eve argument in which he bruised his wife's arm. >> the stormtracker has been heavy. with a san rafael getting busy with rainfall, and panel.
of the california highway patrol. the cell phone law has been on the books since 2008, and the no texting law since 2009, but in some parts of the bay, it's completely ignored. >> your driver's license and registration and insurance. you're being stopped for the hands-free law. >> aparticipantly the driver had an emergency in his mind. >> okay. what kind of emergency was it? . >> well, i have -- i have a restaurant, and i have a gigantic week. >> let's have a chat with him. >> how are you doing. >> i'm good. >> not good day. >> where are you from. >> i'm with channel 4. >> channel 4. >> yes, sir. i do a semth called people behaving badly. >> yeah. bleep bleep bleep. how's that? bleep. they put me on tv for a ticket. >> when i asked him his name, he told me it was. >> elmer fudd. >> well, elmer wasn't the only one caught. this lady was so engrossed in her phone, she never saw me walk up to her window. >> roll your window down. why are you on your cell phone? every day i see people on their phones like there was never a law passed. >> why are you on your phone. >> i'm not. >> you were. >> i picked it
on a central california highway. it happened this morning on highway 152 in madera county. a 48-year-old man from san leandro who was driving a volvo pulling a container trailer swerved to try and avoid an overturned big rig and collided head-on with a honda. >>> serious rain in the forecast as we head into tomorrow, and also through the rest of the week. i'll tell you what you can expect for your morning commute and how much rain we're going to see by week's end. >>> i was unable to find one charitable organization that has benefited from these unmanned donation boxes that are popping up around the bay. despite the fact that some are claiming these bins help local bay area charities. >> the guy came to me and said they had these bins to put on my property. basically if i was interested, and they were offering $0.05 a pound for whatever the garments were. they said that they shared with the salvation army and good will, and they sold some of the stuff to thrift stores. then they took the shoes and stuff and sold them in africa for a knickel a pair. >> reporter: which is the bin he is referri
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3